♡ My daily holiday makeup ♡

For a beach holiday I don`t use my normal makeup- if its wet every mascara subsides and the makeup wanes.

STEP 1 – Skincare:                                                                                                                                                  To care for my face I use a “CLINIQUE” skincare set. The set I use is for skintype 2, thats for dry skin. The set is divided into three parts. It contains a mild liquid soap, a clarifying lotion and a soothing lotion. I love this set because my skin is very soft since I´ve been using it. Once a week I use a facial mask from “SEPHORA”. It`s the “Zinc and Copper” mask. The mask is fighting blemishes.

STEP 2 – Primer: 

I use the “FRESH & FIT AWAKE PRIMER” from the german company: “essence”. The primer costs 5,99 $. I just put it all over my face.

STEP 3 – Makeup: 

The makeup is also from “essence” its the “stay all day 16h long-lasting makeup”. It costs 4,46 $. I put the makeup all over my face too. But I don`t use to much. To apply the makeup I use a normal makeup sponge from “MAC” or “essence”, but you can use every other too.

STEP 4 – Lashes:

For my lashes I normally use the “Lash Sensation” mascara from “MAC” (24 $). But thats not a waterproof mascara. For the beach I just use a lash and eyebrow gel from “essence” or any other makeup maker.

STEP 5 – Finish:

In order to finish the makeup I use a setting spray (“NYX” – 7,99$/ “MAC” – 26$) and matt powder from “CLINIQUE”.

Thats my holiday makeup.

I hope you enjoyed my first blogpost.

What`s your daily holiday makeup and are you changing anything?

XOXO, Karo ♡

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